Sunday, 30 September 2012

Tudor kitchen details

I built and added to the kitchen over a long time, and I still keep adding whatever feels appropriate.  I had to remove the table to show details in the back.

Most of the utensils are typical small things that you find at flea markets and in thrift shops. The oven shovel is a wooden coffee spoon. I made the meats from air-drying clay, and I slaughtered the pig and the fowl from a toy shop. I managed to make a rotating spit from bits of champagne wire.

Some close-ups to see details better. They need no explanations, except perhaps the brass bottle, which is a souvenir made from an old cartridge. I have several of these, they fit in very well in all kinds of dollhouses.

Some important features of a Tudor house include wall brackets. There were no regular lights, so people would carry candles or oil lamps and put them into brackets. I put in brackets here and there made of broken junk juwellery and beer can rings, but I have also made this iron-wrought candle holder (black wine-bottle foil). The candle is made from a bit of dowelling, painted to look like tallow, with a tiny bit of sewing thread for a wick.

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