Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Dutch dolls

Dutch dolls are a very interesting kind of dolls that appear frequently in old children's books where they are almost always servants and second-rate as compared to the fine porcelain dolls. I had never seen a Dutch doll until I found two in an antique shop at Portobello Road in London.

This is a girl doll whom I named Tilly, after a Dutch doll in a book, Tilly's House.(You may have noticed that none of my other dolls have names). I used a soft fabric from a little girl's dress, kindly donated by her mother. I made the top first and decorated the sleeves and collar with lace.


Then I made pantalets


and a skirt with a lacy petticoat

So here is Tilly the Dutch doll

Tilly's boyfriend was a bit broken. I had to carve new pegs for his legs

But here they are, happy and whole, welcome to have tea in the drawing room with the other dolls.

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