Thursday, 13 September 2012

Kitchen details

I continued adding things to the kitchen because you can add things to the kitchen forever. I needed more surfaces so I made another kitchen table, very straightforward, with a building block that looks like a drawer, a bit of my famous venetian blind and chopsticks for legs. You can also see some utensils that I made. The sieve, for instance, is a medicine bottle cap, with top cut out and a piece of net glued in. Most of the other things are bottle and tube caps, empty medicine cards, bits of foil and wire.

Then I made a workbench and a little stool for the laundry room. The workbench is made from parts of a broken shelf that somebody in my office threw away. The Singer sewing machine was patented in 1850, so it is not an anacronism. I bought both the Singer and the iron. The pot is a shampoo cap painted metallic. The kitchen chair was a pain to make, with lots of tiny parts to glue together. It took me a least four attempts.

I found a little shelf in a thrift shop that I painted blue to match the sink. I made jam jars from wooden beads with paper lids and red sewing thread for ribbon. I also made a shelf for my copper collection that I had bought from eBay - each piece is made from a coin. Since the kettles and plates are quite heavy I had to make real hooks.

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