Wednesday, 26 September 2012

New kitchen

As I have repeatedly pointed out, kitchens are fun to make because there are so many objects in a kitchen, even if it is minimalist, and why would you want a minimalist miniature kitchen! Most of the furniture and utensils are from the old kitchen, but I have already shown the flagstone floor I made for the new kitchen. I made new wallpaper with splash technique so it looks exactly like the old one.  I had to use the space differently because of the depth of the shelf. Now I will show the details, beginning with the left wall.

The shelf with splendid copper kettles and plates, made from old coins, is from the old house, as is the work bench underneath it. All tin or pewter-looking objects are painted plastic, while the copper is from ebay or thrift shops. The two wooden ladles also came with some large lot from ebay. The bucket is made from lolly sticks, and the mop from a bit of kitchen string wired to a grill stick. The delivery boy came as a bonus when I bought something online. He carries a basket, which I don't remember where it came from, likely a thrift shop, and the fruit is from old potpourri.

Here are some more utensils, including a set of clay pots from ebay for which I made the shelf. The "copper" pie forms are made from inside of a chocolate box. The milk jar is a hotel schampoo bottle. I showed before how I made the wash-board. The scullery maid is a celluloid doll; I made her clothes. She is preparing lobster that I found in Christmas crackers. The pie forms are from make-up sets. The baskets are from various ebay lots. I made the larger pots in my pottery class. I explained before how I made the stove.

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