Saturday, 15 September 2012

Herringbone floor

I had seen a picture of wooden floors someone in my discussion group posted. I had also seen Eva Malmsten's gorgeous floors. So I decided I would make a herringbone floor for the living room. Now, I was no longer on sick leave, but working full time, in a new place, with new responsibilities. Yet miniature making suddenly had a new purpose: relaxation after a long and hard day of work. Since a good deal of my work is reading, I cannot relax over a book, as other people do, and we don't watch television. The house we rented had a minimal garden, and it was too late in the year for gardening. Therefore, making herringbone parquet was exactly the pastime I needed.

This corner is about 1% of the area I had to cover. It felt like making a jigsaw puzzle of ten thousand pieces. But I was not in a hurry. The material is lolly sticks glued onto a cardboard surface. Evening after long evening...


And finally

This is what it looks like in the house. Of course most of it is covered by furniture and carpets. But I haven't cheated, it's there all the way to the back wall.

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