Monday, 3 September 2012

Getting materials

The next day, December 29, my daugher and I went to a huge flea market in Stockholm. Now that I had read the clever books I knew what I was looking for, and with your miniature eyeglasses you start seeing the possibilities. Take wooden candlesticks: turn them upside down, cut off bits if needed, glue together bits from different candlesticks, and here are your round tables with elegant turned stands. 

The best thing I found that day was a wooded venetian blind which I have to this very day used for furniture-making, rather than buying expensive materials from hobby shops. Remember: venetian blinds are indispensable for a miniature maker. I also found a box of wooden building blocks - another great thing for furniture making. I got an electic candlestick the use of which I will show presently, but among other things it contained copper wire. I got a load of photo frames. A bagful of metal buttons, to make lids, frames and candlesticks. And a little table in just the right scale, which the same evening became the beginning of the kitchen. 

But first I started a dining room with one of my new round tables

The tablecloth is a napkin, the bowls are for sushi soy sauce, the fruit are from some old potpourri, and the candlestick and the vase are just those many small silly things you don't know what to do with until you start making dollhouses.

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