Tuesday, 25 September 2012

New inhabitants

I have quite a few new dolls in the house now. I was initially very firm about not mixing various dolls, and my first population was exclusively souvenir dolls who are slightly larger than 1:12. Then I got some other dolls, for instance these two lovely girls.

The one to the right I got from ebay, likely together with something else. I think she was supposed to be an angel, but I cut off her wings (urrrgh!). She is slightly bigger than the correct-scale girl on the left, who is also a bonus when I bought lights from an online shop. They both have clothes that fit nicely into my period (Victorian period was very long, so you are allowed to be eclectic).

The master of the house is a souvenir doll for whom I made his whole outfit, including a sapphire ring on his finger. I also gave him long hair, made from knitting wool.

Granny is also a souvenir doll. Her velvet dress is made from a little bag that once contained a gift wine bottle. I could use the strings for the waist. The lace collar is yellowish, of the more noble kind. I painted the hair gray..

 I bought the pretty bisque doll in a antique shop at Portobello Road in London. I first thought I would make another dress for her, but then I saw that it would fit in nicely. She is not allowed to play with the two other girls, but has to sit in the chair with her knitting. The little boy in the sofa looks a bit scared. I bought this celluloid doll in an antique shop in Ely, and he was dressed like a German boy, in green knee-long trousers. I made him a dress of lace because this is whar small boys had to wear in those days.

Finally, Auntie comes from a huge lot I recently got from ebay, and she is the only "real" 1:12 doll I have. Her leather armchair came with her.

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