Saturday, 15 September 2012

A new start

So now we were in England, in a little house, wíthout any basement (which had been my work space in the old country), without any work surfaces except the dining table, and no place for my endless shoe boxes of stuff. Still, the dollhouse was my top priority so I started on it even before my 1:1 space was properly organised. I now had some serious decisions to make. I had no room for a book shelf, and really, the book shelf in the old country was merely a temporary solution. So I decided to make my new dollhouse in a cabinet. In the Museum of Childhood in London, several dollhouses were in cabinets. And I had something perfect. 

In the old country, this used to be a wine cabinet. But now it was to become a new dollhouse. It was deeper than my old bookshelf, but it only had three stories. Some things had to be sacrificed. It was easy to get rid of cellar and attic. I hadn't had any interesting things in the attic anyway, and I would move some things from the cellar to the kitchen, although the wonderful storage shelf would not fit. I also decided to get rid of the nursery and the servant quarters. I decided to have the bedroom, bathroom and the hall with the staircase on the upper floor. You could pretend that the stairs led up to the nursery. I decided to have no partition on the middle floor, but have a combined study and drawing room. 

But before I could start rebuilding, there was a new, revolutionary step to take. My new house would have lights. I had consulted people in my discussion group about various types of lighting and decided that power strip was right for me. I ordered all equipment, including a transformer with a British plug, from Dollhouse Emporium. It was tempting to buy too many things from them, since they have everything. But I didn't want their lamps and chandeliers, I wanted my own, so I bought bulbs and plugs. It all looked very easy when you watched a tutorial video from the store. Ha-ha! But I'll come back to it. 

I also wanted to make real floors, not just paper floors. But I did buy some nice new wallpaper. 

And the adventure began.

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