Monday, 24 September 2012

New drawing room

This is the new drawing room as it looks today, four years after I started rebuilding the dollhouse. As it should be in a Victorian drawing room, there are millions of things - this is why the Victorian period is so attractive for dollhouse makers. There are many things from the old house and many new things, and as with the rest of the house, I needed to rethink how to make the best of the space. In the old house, I had separate drawing room and study, but I felt that if I put up a wall it would feel too crammed. Therefore I opted for a combined drawing room and study, whete the ladies can have tea while the master of the house is trying to work.

This is the left corner of the room, with most of the furniture removed to show the walls. The wallpaper is from ebay. The shelf is higher than the standard dollhouse furniture, therefore I decided to use wainscoting. It is once again my venetian blind. Wainscoting is usually higher than this, about a meter in 1:1 scale, but it will have to be like this so far. For cornice I used furniture ribbon. When I made lighting for this room, I drilled holes in the ceiling and drew the wiring over the shelf above, before I laid the floors, which is why when half of the lamps stopped working I'd now have to remove floors, and I am not doing it. The little table in the corner is made from a candlestick turned upside down. I made the sofa. The chairs are from ebay, as is the table lamp, made from a coin. All other things I made or found at flea markets..

Here is another picture of the same corner, with the chest of drawers that I made from building blocks.

The dolls are the same except that there is a little boy, wearing a dress as boys did at the time. The mantepiece is also the same, with the fine firescreen, but I made two sconces from paper clips and miniature candleholders. In front of the fireplace there is a coal shovel, that I bought in an antique shop at Portobello Road in London, and a set of tools that I made myself, using a paper clip and hands from a broken clock. The base for the tools is a chess piece, as is the base of the oil lamp.

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