Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Tudor exterior details

I painted the house yellow, but I also wanted to add some period details, such as pargeting. I made it with embossed wallpaper.

The windows on the ground floor have no glazing, just shutters. But in the first floor, I made latticed windows. When I visited the dollhouse shop in Royston, I bought a sheet of window lattice, but I have still not used it because it was more fun to do it myself. I used fruit net - the kind you buy oranges in. Painted it and glued onto squares of transparent file binding (again recycling rather than buying). To the right is what it looks like from inside. The suit of armour is a souvenir from the medieval castle of Framlingham.

In the upper floor, I also made lattice windows, but from a different material: a protection sleeve you get at tax-free liquor shops. And I made a bay window from a plastic bottle. You may also notice a little rosette on one of the panels: they had such purposeless decorations on Tudor houses.

You can see pargeting better in this picture.

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