Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Using imagination

Among the many brilliant ideas that I borrowed from Eva Malmsten and that immediately gave my dollhouse a unique look was this Dutch tile stove. Stupidly, I don't have a good picture of it from my original dollhouse, so this is a more sophisticated environment, but the stove is the same.

I am sure I have never seen another bottle like this, before or after. It happened at the right moment. The top comes from a different bottle. In Eva's book, she glued several jars on top of each other, but I had the shelf height to fit it into. I used a envelope clip and a piece of broken chain, two thumbnails (with plastic cover removed) and a jar lid for base. The doors (it is just one piece) are cut from metal foil, the kind you get off champagne bottles. The handle is a envelope clip, and the hinges small pieces of metal that fell out of something I was dismantling.

I think this piece is still among my top-ten favourites.

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