Sunday, 16 September 2012


It is extremely difficult to take good pictures of a large dollhouse unless you have a professional camera, but this picture at least gives an idea of how I built the new house inside a cabinet. The inner doors are used to create a sense of more space (it is still an ongoing project after four years). For instance, I did not have space for windows inside the house, but I didn't want to lose them altogether, so they are fastened to the inside of the cabinet doors. I have seen such arrangements in cabinet dollhouses in museums. I also kept the funny cellar door (left bottom) even though there is no cellar. I have the front door inside the house, which is a bit of "impossible space", but I have tried to put it on the outside, and the effect of the mystery of the closed cabinet and the excitement of opening the doors was disturbed. 

It is impossible in the picture to see any details so in the following posts I will go through the house room by room, explaining the changes and additions. Unfortunately, some of the pictures I have from the actual time of restoration are of very poor quality. It means that I have lost some interesting moments of transition, for instance, before I put up the wallpaper. I will try in the pictures I take now to capture the process of rebuilding the house with a completely new point of departure.

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