Friday, 14 September 2012

The dolls move in

It took me a long time to decide whether I wanted dolls in my dollhouse at all, and if yes, what kind of dolls. Since it is a Victorian house, it didn't seem right to put in cute Sylvanian families left from when the kids were small. All those gorgeous dolls on ebay didn't feel right either. Then a cousin, an experienced dollhouse maker, mentioned that she used ethnic souvenir dolls, and that was it. I got a handful from ebay for almost nothing. They are a bit taller than the typical 1:12 scale dolls, but it doesn't really matter. So please meet my dolls.

I started with the cook and the kitchen maid. I don't remember now what clothes they had, but I stripped them off. I had sewn the skirt and top the cook is wearing years ago for my daughter's Barbie, and they needed almost no alterations. The apron is a little doily from a flea market, and I also found a length of lace in a thrift shop. For the other doll, I made completely new clothing from my old summer dress, using details such as the embroidery on the front.

For the maid's skirt, I took a piece of pleated black fabric, and for the top I just ironed it a bit. The apron is from another flea-market doll. Lace comes from the original dress, it decorated the Spanish skirt. I sewed it carefully to the sleeves, and also made the collar and cap. The original doll had braids, but I put up her hair, as suitable for a maid. In this picture you also see some new details in the dining room: a sideboard with a cheese platter; and a painting on the wall. The painting frame is made from lace.
The lady of the house is not an ethnic doll, and she is smaller than 1:12. I made the dress after a picture from a dollhouse magazine, with plenty of lace. The pendant (a broken earring) has in fact a genuine emerald. The guest is an ethnic doll, and I only had to cut off the ribbons and junk jewelry, giving her instead an earring for brooch. Unfortunately, these dolls cannot sit down, but perhaps the guest has just arrived and is greeted by the hostess.

For this lady I just took off the tacky golden ribbons on her skirt and added lace in the front. I also put up her hair which used to be in two braids.

Another lady is making herself ready in front of the mirror in the bathroom. For this one, I just had to take off the ugly ribbons.


And finally, a servant in her room upstairs. I made all clothes for this doll, the dress from an old curtain, with lace and all. The washbasin and pitcher (and the vase in the bathroom) I made in my pottery class. The bed is made in the simplest possible manner, and the armchair is from a flea market. The mirror is a powder case.

So now my house was full of life, and it actually made a huge difference. 

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  1. Mitt problem är ju att de souvenirdockor som jag inte vill ha kvar som de är, och alltså skulle kunna klä om, de har förvridna händer,för de är från thailand och har händerna i en omöjlig otäck position. Cool idé annars, får nog kolla efter billiga dockor på loppisar.