Monday, 17 September 2012

Parquet floor

For the hall with the staircase, I wanted new floors with a more interesting design. I took as a model the paper floor in the bedroom:

I used small lolly sticks, staining half of them and laying into the pattern, glued to a piece of card. This is about a third of the surface I needed to cover.

When I had finished the floor, I needed to fit it into the room and with the staircase.I had to remove the mock door on the side and then put it back.

This is what it looks like now. The cornice is cut from a paper napkin. The chandelier is made from a bit of an oil lamp. The chairs are from ebay, and the little sideboard on the left was on sale at Maple Street, which is a very dangerous place close to where I live. All the bric-a-brac on the sideboard are from thrift shops and flea markets. Somebody gave me the carpet - otherwise I cut them from souvenir purses. The ornate mirror on the right is a photo frame. I made all the other picture frames. The grandfather clock on the landing is from a flea market. The maid is an ethnic souvenir doll for whom I made new clothes. The cat is one of the numerous cats that hide here and there in this house. It's a tortoiseshell, like the cat we used to have.

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