Thursday, 13 September 2012

Collecting ideas

In mid-March (2008) I was in London on a professional trip and had a couple of free hours so I went to the Museum of Childhood. I had been there earlier, but it was before I started miniature making. You look at dollhouses in a museum differently if you are a miniaturist. You look at how things are made and whether everything is really in scale (it isn't) and whether lights are essential (they aren't) and what objects are in various kitchens and how many rugs you can put on top of each other. I could not take pictures, but I had a sketch pad and took notes. I was very pleased with myself, because of course some of the houses have elaborate furniture and "real" things, but I saw that I could make things that were quite good for someone who is not a professional, who doesn't have proper tools and who had only started three months before.

It is easy to get frustrated when you are in a museum because they are truly magnificent dollhouses, but I felt the other way round. I felt inspired. I felt good. I went home and made lots of things I had seen. And some that were much better. 

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