Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Tea table

The tea table is the focal point of the drawing room. The table itself is a wooden candlestick turned upside down. The table cloth is a plastic glass coaster. Somebody gave me the cheese board and the vase, although I have similar that I made myself. I made the glasses from disposable champagne flutes, simply cutting off the tip and the holder around it. I made the plate from air-drying clay, and I made the Swedish saffron buns, although I am not sure they would have these in a Victorian house. But let's say that somebody's aunt was Swedish. The tea set on the side table is from ebay, but the little brass kettle is a bracelet charm. And then of course the centrepiece:

It's a most amazing thing, and I have still not found anything like it on the web. I got it from my daugher's mother-in-law, and it had been in their family for ages, which makes the gift very special. But she didn't know where it came from originally.

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