Monday, 3 September 2012

Building the drawing room

Alongside the kitchen I also started doing the drawing room, again using whatever was available.

The lovely little table is an upside-down candlestick that I have shown in a previous post. The golden goblet is one of those you get in certain port bottles (but I have seen them fetch fancy prices on eBay). I don't know why I had saved it - perhaps I had always known, subconsciously, that I would one day have a dollhouse. The sofa is a leather Parker pen case.The lamp is a Christmas tree decoration; I had to peel off Disney pictures from it. The photo frame will one day develop into a book case.

The weird object on the right came from my husband's shelf. He said it was used for hanging a watch. I was not sure what it might be in my house, but it was the right scale, and before I had more things it fitted in. The glasses are mini lipstick tubes glued onto plastic beads, and the tray is from a powder box. The sword is a cocktail stick. The portrait is cut from a magazine. The frame is made from a candybox bottom and painted gold. I painted the wooden candy box you may have seen in a picture from the kitchen and glued on a little metal piece that came off a photo frame as I dismantled it for another project. The book is a miniature Lettish-English dictionary. I painted the covers dark brown and used gold paint for edges. The Japanese cat is obviously a souvenir from Japan.

We are still in the first week of January 2008.

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