Friday, 7 September 2012


It is hard now to remember in what order I did these first miniatures. Possibly, I worked parallel on several projects. If you wonder how I had the time to do all this in just a couple of weeks, let me remind you that I was on sick leave, I couldn't read or do anything that I normally do for a living. It was winter, so I couldn't do any gardening. The only things I could do was exercise and miniatures. Therefore I made so many things right at the beginning.

For the kitchen, I wanted a cupboard, and I found good patterns and intructions in Vivienne Boulton's book. I had to adapt the size to the materials I had, which was once again the venetian blind.

It was quite a challenge for a beginning miniaturist, and today I would have made it easier and better, but I still have it and am quite happy about it. The back of the cupboard is a piece of cardboard foil from a package of salmon. Most of the utensils I made myself. The metal tankard on left top is a metal tube glued onto a button, and the handle is made of a tiny piece of foil. The bowl next to it is a plastic bowl painted in metallic. The blue pitcher is made from a ballpoint pen. The plates come from an old dollhouse. I described the coffee grinder in an earlier post. The jar is a transparent plastic tube with a button lid filled with white pepper. The pies and cakes are clay. The "apple slices" are sweet pepper seeds. The pie forms are beer-bottle caps. The citrus press is a toothpaste cap. The copper pans are from ebay, but the two "pewter" pots are painted plastic. Here some more things added, most made of lids, caps and buttons.

I am very proud of the next thing I made because I invented it myself: a butterchurn. 

Small pieces of wood (cut from a cheese box) are glued around a pill tube and held together by rubber bands. The lid is a button.

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