Sunday, 2 September 2012

Why a new blog?

I have been making dollhouses and roomboxes for five years. I have photos here, there and everywhere, I belong to several groups and enjoy sharing my hobby with other people. In this blog I will go all the way back to where I started and tell all stories, with all beginnings and ends and deviations. Just a teaser: I have a Tudor House, a Victorian House, a retro house and a number of room boxes. I make most things myself. In this blog, I will share ideas about recycling trash and using your miniature eyeglasses.

But first, how it all started. I never had a dollhouse when I was a child, but I had doll furniture in various scales (I didn't know anything anout scales of course), and I liked to make things, sew doll clothes, make paper dolls and build things for them.

When my daugher was small I bought her a standard children's dollhouse of the Lundby type. She wasn't particularly interested, but I played with it myself, pretending I was playing with my daughter. I made furniture from matchboxes and bought some things. Then we forgot all about it, and the dollhouse went to the attic and stayed there.

About five years ago I was very sick and on sick leave. I needed something to keep me busy. Reading wasn't a solution because reading is work for me. It was then my daughter said: You have always wanted a dollhouse, so why don't you start a dollhouse? I found the old dollhouse, but all the furniture was gone or broken. I started looking on ebay. Now, if you are completely new to dollhouse hobby and just search for dollhouse furniture on ebay, you don't know anything about scale. I was looking for Lundby, and there were tons of things, and the big question was what style to start collecting, because you cannot collect everything sold on ebay. Enter Serendipity. There was a book on ebay, a book about dollhouses. I didn't buy it, but I went to my local library and borrowed four books about dollhouses. A new world opened for me! The amazing world of 1:12 miniature-making, of a creativity I hadn't known about, although I obviously had made dollhouse furniture before. Looking back, I feel so lucky that I happened to see this book on ebay, because without it I probably would never have got to where I am now. Making miniatures is so much more exciting than collecting, as everyone knows who has tried. So here starts a long journey: December 27, 2007.

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