Friday, 12 October 2012

More frames

Here are some of the many ways I have made picture frames, apart from those I have shown before and those in the previous post.

These frames, except the little one on the right, are made with lace. The two top frames are made with several layers of plastic lace to create depth, then painted gold. The two frames below are made with real lace which creates an effect of a delicate carved frame. The dark wooden frame is stained lolly sticks. 

All these frames are made with different techniques. Upper row, left: lolly sticks. Middle: cut from a cork placemat which creates a nice, uneven surface. Right: an unidentifiable piece of twisted metal rod (most likely a Christmas decoration) that I bent into a square and glued onto a piece of cardboard. Bottom left: a ribbon. Next: lolly sticks and grill sticks, but an ordinary yellow paint rather than gold. Next: metal foil folded around the edges of the picture. Right: a ribbon.

These are fake: just cut from a catalogue.

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