Saturday, 13 October 2012

Modern kitchen

I have said repeatedly that kitchens are fun to make, and modern kitchens are no exception. Since I by now had so much faith in my abilities I decided to build a modern kitchen myself, using my old favourite material, the venetian blind. First, I made a model from cardboard and put a wooden worktop on. I cut an opening to make a sink.

For sink, I used a plastic container of the kind you get jam in for breakfast in hotels. I painted it metallic. I used a lid from a spice jar to make a washing machine door. I know that you'd probably have a dishwasher rather than a washing machine in this place, but the lid was too good not to use. 

Meanwhile, I also painted the stairs white and made a railing, which is very difficult to make, as anyone knows who has attempted. 

I glued bits of venetian blind onto cardboard and scratched them with a craft knife to imitate gaps between drawers. For handles I used tiny things on wires the purpose of which I don't know. I got them from my dollhouse-making cousin. I drilled holes and pulled the wires through, fixing them at the back. I glued a bit of glossy paper on the top to make a hob, and painted rings with a gold pen. I made the chimney hood from a hotel soap-dish lid and glued small bits of Lego for lights.

I made the kitchen table from yet another piece of venetian blind and used unidentifiable plastic clips for legs. The fancy mugs are cut from a pencil, with half a bead for handle. As I have already mentioned, the fridge is a tin tea box.


  1. very nice lots of uses! How can I follow your blog???

  2. Thank you! I guess you add it to your reading list on the dashboard.