Sunday, 14 October 2012

Modern kitchen development

This is what the kitchen looks like today (I have tidied up a bit, just as you do when you expect visitors). The chairs are made from champagne wire, which I learned from a friend. I thought they fit perfectly in my kitchen.

I made most of the details and utensils myself. I made kitchen shelves from bits left after I made a big bookshelf in another room. I made the coffee machine (that looks a bit tired) from a bit of plastic, a dead battery and a bottle cap. I made the orange press from a bit of a perfume spray bottle. I made the kitchen towel holder from an unidentifiable wooden peg, and the kitchen towel - from kitchen towel. The pie trays come from an eye-shade box. I cut the front of the micro from a catalogue and glued it on the front of a little box I made from card. I also cut the clock face from a catalogue and pasted it inside a spice jar lid. The fridge handle is a bit of a ball-point pen. I made all the jars, tins, boxes and bottles in a variety of ways, which I will explain in detail shortly.

Likewise, I made most of the utensils on the table. The big black bowls are cut from chocolate boxes, and the Japanese bowls, from medicine cards, painted black on the outside and red on the inside. The square Japanede plates are air-drying clay. The mugs are cut from a pencil, with half of a plastic bead for handle. A grandchild made the sushi. The eggs in eggcups, the caviar tube and the Coke are from ebay, and the sausage from a German toyshop.

The right side of the kitchen is more like a utility room. The fire extinguisher comes from a key ring. The garbage bin is a pencil sharpener. I made the bucket from a hotel milk container. The flower pots are thimbles. And the heating element is cut from a chocolate box.

It is very hard to take a good picture of the inside of the front wall because I can only do it through a door opening from the other side. Since it is a removable wall you can't put heavy things on it, but I made a semi-flat shelf with groceries.

Here is the wall removed from the house, just to give you an idea of how it works.You may have noticed that I have put in windows, and I will tell you how I did it in due time.

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