Saturday, 6 October 2012

Tudor final touches

The only things to finish the (ongoing) story of the Tudor house is to show the present state of the three rooms. The kitchen has not changed much, but I keep adding details, utensils, decorations, and I will make more food. I also plan to add a small baking oven.

 The Great Hall has another table that I found at a flea market in Stockholm. The numerous teapots and the bowls on the manterpiece are all made from old coins. The pretty pewter things are real pewter, bought on ebay. The battle axe and helmet are from Lego. There are two stools in the front. The one on the left is made from kit, the one on the right I made myself, using chopsticks for legs. There is not much I can add to this room, except for more crests and tapestries. The crests, by the way, are of Cambridge colleges.

Some new details in the solar are the cradle, the spinning wheel (which is a pencil sharpener) with a little bench, and, hidden behind, in the left corner, "the secret chair" covered with velvet.

It is difficult to show the whole house, but this is the best I can do. I never showed the attic before, but there isn't much there yet. 

I have some plans for exterior addtions, such as chimneys and a porch, and there is a lot I can do in the rooms. The book about Tudor dollhouses has masses of interesting ideas. I will come back with new developments, but for now, this is the end of the story of my Tudor house.

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