Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Modern bedroom

The upstairs floor of this house only has one wall that goes one third across, and for some reason there was a window in the wall. I thought for some time how to use this feature, but eventually decided to close it up. But I still used it in the sense that I made a Japanese tokonoma out of it. The picture comes from a set of Japanese paper a visitor from Japan gave me. (She didn't know I was a miniature-maker). I made the bed from cardboard and used wooden beads for legs. The headboard is a piece of wooden strip that I drilled holes in to insert grill sticks.


I then felt that the bed was in the wrong position for best display so I turned it. I painted the headboard and made lights from ear-rings.

Then I made two night stands to match the headboard. I made them very simply from two wooden blocks with beads for legs and a bit of wire for handles.

I wanted an interesting fabric for the bedspread, and I found a pillowcase in a thrift shop. From it I made the bedspread, pillows and curtains.

Some further details of the bedroom: the vase that matches the colour scheme perfectly - from a thrift shop. The flowers are real dry flowers from my garden. The wall lamp is a LED battery light because it is impossible to wire this house. The clock face is cut from a catalogue. The mirror and the tissue box are from ebay. I made the books, and they are here because I always read in bed, and I like the cat to sleep in my bed. I like this bedroom. It is very unlike my own, but I know that I would feel good in it. 

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