Saturday, 6 October 2012

Tea shop

This very English tea shop started when a friend gave me two miniature tea sets. There were some small bits missing, and I replaced them.

The china set went elsewhere, but the red set reminded me of a tea shop in Ely, called The Fire Engine. So the whole tea shop was built around the tea set. 

I decorated the wallpaper with self-adhesive paper ribbon, painted the ceiling, but left the floor as it was, just putting a (paper) rug in the middle. I made the ceiling fixture with a lid from a cheese box, painted white, and the lamp is made from a fish hook and plastic beads. I had a rather ugly dresser, which I repainted and added Dutch tiles. 

I also had four cafe chairs, and I made a table to match them. I used bits from an old fridge shelf to make table legs! Never throw away fridge shelves, they are very useful for many purposes. Luckily, I had a piece of fabric in just the right pattern.

The corner display cabinet is made from kit. I enjoyed making the cakes.

However, my favourite details in this room are the napkin rings

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