Saturday, 13 October 2012

Total renovation

It took me many weeks to renovate the house because it was in such a sorry state, but mine was love's labour, and I felt very good bringing it back to life. It really hurts to look at these old pictures, and I am looking forward to sharing my progress on this project. To begin with, I removed the carpet. You cannot have a 1:1 carpet in a dollhouse, it doesn't look natural, and I hate carpets anyway. Then I removed the wallpaper. It had apparently been glued on with ordinary glue so I had to wash it away with a sponge. (The red circle in the background is not the rising sun, but my Pilates ball).

I decided that I wanted painted walls rather than wallpaper. I decided, after having made a Victorian house and a Tudor house, that I wanted something modern and ecleclic, with bright colours and unusual features. But first I needed to do some planning. I had four rooms - what would they be? Kitchen was the easiest to make up my mind about, and I painted it light yellow.

I then decided to have a classic black-and-white chequered floor, which I cut, square by square, from a glossy shopping bag and an old essay cover.

I very deliberately show all the stages of this renovation because normally you see the results and have no idea how much time and effort it takes. Here you also see what a huge difference it makes. The fridge, by the way, is a tin tea box. 

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