Saturday, 6 October 2012


Since I could not keep the nursery in my Victorian house I made a nursery room box instead, using some details from the old nursery, but mostly building a new environment. I painted the ceiling white and put some self-adhesive stars on it. The floor is just brown paper. I printed the wallpaper using a pattern from another self-adhesive decoration. For cornice, I used furniture ribbon. The window is made, like all my other windows, from a fruit container, with a piece of lace for curtain. I didn't want heavy curtains in the nursery.

I bought the lovely little cot at a flea market. I made the washbasin and jug in my pottery class, and the stand is made from champagne wire. The fireplace is also from a flea market, but I painted it with "stony" paint. Most of the toys are from flea markets or parts of large buys from ebay. Some are key rings. Some are Christmas decorations. I made the hobby horse from a chess knight. I made all the books, cutting covers from catalogues, only of books that I love. This is a room box I keep adding to all the time.

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