Friday, 12 October 2012

Shoe shop

I have a friend who is a shoe fetishist. When I wanted to make a room box for her birthday it was quite natural to decide on a show shop. And it was quite natural to make a miniature shoe shop in a shoe box. I also came up with a good idea for a shelf: it is an old lamp shade.

But how do you fill such a shelf with shoes? And of course they had to be fancy designer shoes. I looked up shoes in online catalogues and was horrified by the prices. Then I looked on ebay and found a pack of fifty pairs of Barbie shoes for three pounds including postage (from Hong Kong). They were unimaginably ugly. 

I went on the internet and studied sites for designer shoes. I learned more about shoes in those few weeks than in my whole life. (I only wear sensible shoes myself). I started cautiously with just a few decorations.

But then I realised that I actually could do it. It was a lot of work. I used shiny acryllic paint, and I had to let the shoe dry on the outside before I could paint the inside, and then dry again before I could paint the soles.

I also learned how to make shoe boxes. It wasn't as straightforward as you may think, but there are some helpful sites with patterns and instructions. Styles is my friend's last name.

This is what it added up to. It isn't possible to see all the details in the overview picture so I also show some close-ups below.


  1. What a fabulous present. Your friend is a lucky lady.

  2. Very cool and creative gift for the shoe lover. Love the shoe boxes and that you used the recipient's last name as the brand name. What a wonderful and thought-filled gift.