Sunday, 12 October 2014

Slow progress

The term has started, and I am no longer free to snatch an hour here and there to play. But this weekend I have made some progress. Mostly, I have been doing totally unspectacular things, such as priming and painting window surrounds. It just never ends. Today I decided to test what it would be like to actually put in a window and a surround. Just for fun. It will be a long time before I put in windows because interior walls must be decorated first. And yet:

It is beginning to look like something, isn't it? Like something grand. What I saw when I made this test was that I need to re-paint either all windows or all surrounds. I have painted the windows cream. It doesn't go at all with pure white.

Since I have white quoins (and will have more white exterior details) I decided to re-paint the windows. I have so far only done six (out of twenty seven), to test again. Fortunately, it is easier to paint white on top of cream than, say, blue or green. I know because I have tried.

Here is the small front, almost as it will look sometime in the distant future - there are some details missing. Although nothing is fixed yet you can see how beautiful the house is going to be.

I have painted some more parts while I was at it, inluding the roof pediment. It also gives a glimpse of what is coming:

If you wonder why the windows are on baking paper it means you have never painted dollhouse windows. This way they don't stick!

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