Saturday, 25 October 2014

Plank floor

While I was waiting for basement parts to dry I finished the plank floor for the master bedroom. I started it some time ago and ran out of craft sticks, switching my attention to something else. I had been planning to go to my favourite - dangerous - hobby shop, but never had time so instead I bought a load of coffee stirrers online. It may sound ridiculous, but I always read customers' reviews, even if it is just plain wooded coffee stirrers. To my amazement, all reviews were from people who use coffee stirrers for miniature making. I can now compare, and coffee stirrers are better than craft sticks. They are made from softer wood, easier to cut. And they are so much cheaper!

Plank floor is easy to make, but rather boring. Both craft sticks and coffee stirrers have round ends that have to be cut. Then it's just measure and cut and glue. Dollhouse books point out that 1:1 planks would go from the back wall and out, but that in a dollhouse it looks better when they go along the edge. I have discovered this on my own, but was glad to find a confirmation.

What I didn't know when I made my first wooden floor was that you need to sand it over and over again, until it becomes completely smooth. You can see the difference clearly in this picture:


And when it is all smooth you give it a coat of varnish:

And still better when the furniture is in, even through the room is not finished:


  1. even cheaper when you get them free, just pick up a handful whenever you go to McDs or similar...

  2. Well, to cover a floor I need about 200. It would take too long a grab a handful now and then. But I have done this for smaller things.