Sunday, 5 October 2014

Parquet floor, alternative method

I want all rooms in Womble Hall to have different floors. And I also want to make all the floors myself. I have used paper floors, but once you have a real floor in one room paper floors do not look good. I have shown my herringbone floor for the reception room, and I am working on plank floor for the master bedroom (had to make a pause because ran out of lolly sticks). I have bought a roll of self-adhesive shelf lining which I had used for floors before so I thought maybe I could use it in one room. For a pound, it is still cheaper than dollhouse stores.

I rolled out the paper to test, and it didn't look natural. The pattern is far too large.


Well, then maybe if I cut it in smaller bits and glue together again:

That's much better, isn't it?

But what I noticed was that the floor is too bright for this room that has delicate features; it attracts too much attention. So I tested it in another room:

Looks fine, doesn't it? But would they have plank floor in ladies' drawing room? Isn't it too simple? There is another way of placing fake planks:


It takes longer of course. It took me four evenings (listening to classic music). I think it was definitely worth while. I am really pleased with the result.

And with some furniture: 

The wallpaper in this room will be light, so darker floor will be fine, and it is the right kind of floor for the rich ladies of the house.


  1. Oh my goodness, the amount of work!

    it looks gorgeous. Incredible how much of a difference it makes.

  2. looks great but soooo much work!