Saturday, 25 October 2014

Basement development

I worked like mad on the basement today. It was a sunny day, and I could paint all the large parts outside. There is not much to show because it was just paint, paint, paint. I used the same technique as with the main house, using sand paint to create a stone effect. The greatest challenge was to mix the same nuance of grey I have on the main front. I am sure I will have to paint it again when everything is finished. I re-assembled the shell, stating, as usual, that after painting the walls swell and don't fit. I will let them dry properly before going on. But I still wanted to see what it might look like. Of course, the staircase doesn't lead anywhere yet, but eventually it will lead to an ornate Georgian front door. The lower door is for servants and deliveries.


It will take months before I get even remotely near this stage. At the moment it looks like this:

Which gives you a very good idea of how much prelimiary work has to be done before you even can start.

But I always want to test things. I took out the flagstone floor from the old Victorian house and put it tentatively into the planned kitchen:

Perfect fit!

What I had completely forgotten was that under the flagstone floor there was a mock marble floor - I have no idea why I didn't remove it. It is self-adhesive shelf lining.

 So I can use it as well, either in the other kitchen or in the entrance hall:

Or maybe not. 

I am now fully determined to have two kitchens: the best kitchen and the working kitchen. The best kitchen will display all the pretty utensils never used for cooking. Most of these things are made from copper coins. I have more than these, and it will be a nice way to show them.

 The working kitchen is full of people working hard, and of food and deliveries and stuff. I will have to make another cooking range.

And there is a walk-in larder that stores all kinds of food and supplies. I will make shelves along the walls.

Simply because I have done this test I see that logically the best kitchen and the working kitchen should change place, since the larder should of course be connected with the working kitchen.

I haven't put on the roof because it is easier to move things, but I have painted the ceilings dark brown. I might add beams or other decorations. The ceilings are low so all lights will have to be wall lights. I haven't decided on the walls yet. Probably the best kitchen will be light and the working kitchen dark.

I haven't decided at all what I will have in the entrance hall.

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