Saturday, 4 October 2014

Bathroom tiling

Today, a rainy Saturday, I have been working on the bathroom. As I mentioned earlier today, I have bought lining paper, perfect for constructing wall decoration. This is the third time I am tiling a bathroom: first in my original house, then in the cabinet house that is now being transformed into Womble Hall. I still believe that it is worth the trouble glueing tiles one by one, to create a unique pattern. These tiles are very common, but no other dollhouse bathroom looks like mine.

It takes a long time and is messy, but I like the result. I re-used the tiles; they were relatively easy to peel off, and since the new bathroom is smaller than the old one, there were more than enough.

Everything is still white-tacked, but you get the idea.

I see, for instance, that the off-white door doesn't work, it should be clear white. The floor came in a bundle from ebay, I could have easily made it myself, as I did for the retro kitchen.

There will be more details of course, and I am sure I will move things around for best display. The door opens into a rear corridor, and I need to decide what will be hidden there. Perhaps more linen cupboards?

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