Sunday, 12 October 2014

Making a back wall

I have already shown some attempts with back walls. Today I made something more permanent with the partition wall in the entrance hall.


As I said before, I like the colour, and I have now painted the side walls so it will definitely be it. To have a better sense of the environment I put in a door:

The door opens into the rear corridor, and I haven't decided yet what will be there. But I need the door to make the panel and the rail:


The panel is made from embossed 1:1 wallpaper. I had an idea first of making panels from card, but it didn't quite work. But this does. 

The pediment comes from the old Victorian house, and it broke when I peeled it off. It doesn't matter because I have just figured out how to make more, of which later on. So far it is just there to ahow what it will look like sometime in the future. 

If I understand the construction of this house correctly (I still haven't received instructions) the back of this partition will not be visible, but I will of course paint it properly. 

I have inserted it to test. The floor is provisionary - there will be a fancy floor here. And obviously the side walls are unfinished.

I took this picture before putting in the stairs because they obscure the view. But this is what it will be when the stairs are in, and of course there will be railing.

I like this door, leading into a mysterious room that will never be seen. I will put a light in there, and it will be possible to open the door and peep in.

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