Monday, 6 October 2014

More floors

In case you wonder what I have done with the initial floor sheet, I have now tested it in the gentlemen's smoking room.

The wallpaper is still temporary, and obviously the door needs to be painted, although I haven't decided whether it should be white or dark. 

You may wonder why I keep testing and moving things. If you look at some of my recent posts where I add a feature and then put in the furniture and other stuff, you see that you cannot judge a floor or a wallpaper or a fireplace on its own; it has to be tested with the whole environment. If I were building a house and then filling it with objects it would be different; I would be choosing furniture to fit the rooms. But this is more like it happens in real life. The family is building a house to move into, and they arrange the rooms to suit their possessions. Will the bed fit? Where will this desk go? Where will this painting hang?

So every time I test a feature, I take out all furniture and dolls, put in floors or whatever, then put all the stuff back. In the picture above, you see that the floor will go well with the green wallpaper; it is not too dark, because the other objects are quite bright; and it is appropriate for the type of room. I could not judge it by just putting in the floor sheet.

(But if I am really honest, I simply enjoy playing).

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