Saturday, 4 October 2014

Budget miniature-making

As I have stated repeatedly, I am a recycler and do not buy expensive craft paper when I can use old document folders. But some materials still have to be bought: paint, glue, varnish; and I prefer to buy them cheap. I am also always looking for inexpensive materials intended for something else than miniature-making.

This is what I bought the other day from £1 store.

The lining paper, 4 square meters (!) will be used to paste wallpaper on. Much easier than hanging wallpaper direct on the walls, especially if you also make panels and rails. The self-adhesive shelf paper will be used for flooring, and I am already making what I believe will be stunning floors. Watch this space. The jar of varnish is simply a cheap jar of varnish, fully sufficient for my purposes. Likewise, paint: much, much cheaper than in hobby shops and just as good. The three pens are scratch markers, used for concealing scratches in furniture, I have already tested: they will be perfect for staining wooden floors in three different shades. Paper doilies will make excellent ceiling decorations. And you can never have enough of sandpaper.

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