Friday, 24 October 2014


My basement has arrived! Just six months after the initial estimated date. But never mind, it's here. However, the enclosed assembly instructions helpfully say:

As with the main house, I have figured out most of the construction, but not quite, because indeed not even the parts list is accurate. My first attempt was definitely wrong as I ended up with a narrow corridor without access.

It baffled me, and I tried to move walls around, which proved fruitful:

This basement is different from the one in the original kit - whether it is an improvement or not I cannot say. Even if the corridor has a door from the kitchen it is still a very strange space. Can it be a walk-in larder? In the original design, there was one central hall and no rear partition. I like the partition because it adds this mysterious space that won't be visible - I will put some lights in there. But I may take away the middle wall altogether.

I have planned the basement to fit the original design. I wanted to have the kitchen on the right and a scullery on the left, with storage, laundry and so on. I planned to have a lower entrance hall where deliveries would come for the kitchen. It doesn't look the proper design for this plan so I will have to play and test. I am reading a book set in the seventeenth century, and the rich house has a "best kitchen" and a "working kitchen". I have seen this in manor houses: the best kitchen is for display. Perhaps this is what I will do. One kitchen will be just for the collection of copper objects, and I may add china and other things to show off wealth.

Meanwhile, I have another large priming job in front of me.

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