Sunday, 6 January 2013

Yarn winder

Do you remember me saying that a yarn shop was boring to make because there is not much more than yarn? How silly of me. Here is what you can do that is indispensable in a yarn shop. There are many different models of yarn winders, and I am not yet prepared to make the most complicated ones. So I took two pieces of a wooden puzzle (which I have been using for all kinds of things) and drilled small holes in them. Yes, I know, they are not quite concentric, but it's almost impossible to do it without precision tools, which I don't have.

Then I drilled a hole in the middle of each piece and in a tiny wooden block from another set. I put a wooden stick through all the three pieces. Then I put matches into the drilled holes. I have a pile of matches in different colours from long time ago when I collected match boxes. I thought it would look nice with four colours. You can rotate the winder, and you can also fold it and store away.

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