Saturday, 5 January 2013

Miniature knitting

I used to knit a lot, but stopped at some point when the kids grew up and I got busy with other things. However, a yarn shop must naturally offer knitwear. I remember my great-grandmother had the smallest knitting needles (for socks and stockings) and a tiny crochet needle (for lace), but they have perished in my numerous moves, and probably I didn't see any value in them at the time. I would need those neenles now! I know I can buy some from ebay or perhaps even find them in the nearest supermarket, but for the time being I have to do with what I have. What I have is a bit of yarn that Julia has left behind and a pair of needles far too large for mini-knitting. I did try, but what looked like miniature while I was doing it looked gigantic when I put it into the room box. So I had to start all over again, split the yarn (and wow! I remembered the trick. It's easiest if there are two of you, but I only had myself) and use toothpicks for needles.

Did I swear over it? Yes, I did. Did I wish I had proper needles? Yes, I did. But I am too stubborn and too impatient to wait until I maybe have time to get proper needles. What was funny was that at one point I just could not remember how to close a row. If you have even done some knitting, can you imagine forgetting how to close a row? I was sitting there, staring at my work and wondering whether I was getting senile or whether it is indeed possible to forget how to do an elementary thing. Then my fingers remembered. Not the brain - it was all in the body.

After that, it was child's play to crochet a hat.

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