Thursday, 10 January 2013

The dangers of miniature hobby

When Julia gave me the kit for the miniature cabinet, she didn't know what dangerous path she was launching me on. I have during my whole life avoided any kind of gambling including party lotteries because I know that once I begin I could never stop. But I frequently go maniac about things, professional as well as hobbies, and I also get curious about things. So when I had read all about the x-acto House of Miniatures, I went on ebay and looked what was available. Too much. But five years of miniature passion have taught me something. I don't buy single objects, I look for lots. And my very first visit to ebay was a winner:

I don't know why the seller had set the price so low. Maybe they just wanted to get rid of it. One thing, the blue chair, was opened and half-assembled, very clumsily. The rest was in crushed, but unbroken boxes, with yellowish instruction sheets. If it's fake, it's skilful fake.But it's supposed to be from the 1970s. (Which was yesterday, but when I think closely, it was forty years ago. For someone like my granschildren it could just as well be 1770s).

The instruction sheets do not only have instructions, but very interesting cultural information about every piece, the period, the style, and about the collection. Together with some webpages on Chippendale and his contemporaries, my general education got a boost. But I have to visit V&A next time I am in London. I have neglected Chippendale.

I have promised myself not to buy more until I have finished everything that I have, and it will take some time. This furniture will also demand an environment. I cannot just squeeze it in my Victorian house. It has a very special grace.

Come back to check on my progress.

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