Saturday, 26 January 2013

Chippendale desk

The next piece of furniture that I made was the most complicated so far, even though I have certainly developed some skills during the past few weeks.

I anticipated that it would be complicated because it has hinged top, and mini-hinges are a very delicate job. In fact it is one bit of miniature making that I actively dislike because I am not good at it. I wonder why they couldn't cut hinge slots when they have all the other tiny details. It would have made this step so much easier. I considered for a moment to use strips of leather for hinges as you can do with mini-doors, but that would make this exquisite piece look clumsy.

This is one of the occasions when having good tools is essential. When I had eventually managed to cut the slots and started to insert the unprintable half-millimeter screws into unprintable holes through unprintable hinges, I discovered that my smallest screwdriver was not small enough so I ended up working the screws with my mini craft knife which was the unprintable of a job. I was exhausted when I finished and almost gave up on continuing that evening, but I had to reward myself for being so persistent.

Assembling the frame was easy. 

Then came a step that demands dexterity and patience, but nothing like the unprintable hinges. Keyholes and handles for drawers - and I had earlier done this with the night stand

I had to leave the assembled desk and drawers overnight to set. 

Then I gave it a coat of varnish.

Here it is in the interior, with the top cabinet in place. Now I only need some teeny-tiny objects to put into drawers and pens and stationary for the desk top.


  1. Så himla fint! Jag måste bara fråga var du köper dina byggsatser, jag har ett skåp och två stolar som verkar vara av byggsats.