Thursday, 10 January 2013

Candle stand

Actually, I was cheating when I wrote my previous post. I had already made the first piece. I started staining bits of a four-post bed and, sort of in passing, made the candle stand. Do you know what a candle stand is? As opposed to candlesticks and candle holders. I didn't. This type of furniture was placed in 18th-century houses here and there, so that you could carry a candle and put it down where you needed it. Not on a table, but higher up. Of course in the previous period they had wall brackets for candles and oil lamps. I have those in my Tudor house.

I stained the bits and didn't expect much trouble. But of course when you are making a piece of furniture on three legs you have to be very careful and precise. The instruction sheet explained exactly how this should be done, using a 120-degree guide. Imagine, until yesterday, I had no idea what a 120-degree guide was. And it would have been indispensable when I made some Victorian furniture. Such a simple little tool, cut from a piece of card. The clamp is far too big for this delicate miniature, but it worked.

I will made a period candlestick and candle, but so far I have borrowed one from my modern house. It shows how this piece of furniture was used. Now I need a room to put it in.

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