Saturday, 19 January 2013

Rag rug

The past few days my miniature group has been making rag rugs with a most amazing technique. This is what makes it fun belonging to a group: somebody discovers something interesting, and then everybody tries and shares. So I have tried too. First, you need some yarn. Let me tell you: embroidery yarn is best. I have tried with knitting yarn, and it was too fluffy. Then you need a piece of cloth. I took a bit of an old sheet. You also need a bit of wax paper so that the rug doesn't get stuck to the surface.

You cut small bits of yarn and glue it onto the cloth, one by one. I used an ordinary glue stick. Textile glue is possibly better, but I didn't have any. Yes, it it terribly messy and takes a lot of time. About two hours for this one. Very restful.

When you have fisnihed, and the glue has dried, trim the long edges and fringe the short edges. The fringe makes all the difference: how it really looks like a rag rug.

Here you can see it in its room - which I haven't shown yet, so make sure you come back to see more of it. 

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