Thursday, 3 January 2013

Filling the shelves

A beautiful cabinet needs beautiful books. I printed out rows of books, but as you can see the printie simply replicates the same pattern. To make it more realistic, I re-shuffled books on one of the shelves. I glued the row onto card and left two flaps on both sides. It is also important to cut out the top of the books, otherwise it looks unnatural.

 To make it still more realistic, I added some individual books that can lean agaist each other or lie flat. Such details make the obverver forget that the rest is fake.


  1. Blev mycket snyggt med böckerna. Bra för det är rätt hopplöst med lösa böcker som ramlar runt....

  2. This is one of those ideas I wish I'd had! What an amazing thing to think of :) In dolls house scale, I think this looks so realistic - especially with some 3D books to fool the eye. Brilliant!