Sunday, 13 January 2013

Canopy bed, continued

Read the beginning of this story here.

When the glue had set, 24 hours later, I could turn the bed right and give it a coat of varnish.

When that had dried, I could start on the most delicate part of it: stringing. They had no bed springs in the 18th century, so beds were strung with rope. It looks deceptively easy, but actually took quite a lot of time. If nothing else, you understand why furniture, not least beds, was so expensive - it took a long time and much energy to make. And if it took me so long to string a model bed that I could turn upside down as much as I needed, how long and tiresome would it be to do it in real scale! I am in awe.

I hope you are too.

After all this beauty, they suggest that I put in a foam mattress! And while I probably will not chase geese in the park to collect down feathers, I will certainly make more appropriate bedding. Come back soon.

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