Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Queen Anne tea table

My next Chippendale project was the tea table.


I wanted to replace the plastic Playmobile Victorian tea table that had served me well, but it was now time for something more elegant. It looked easy to make, but turned out really hard, because all moulding had to be mitred, and mitring moulding is my least favourite part of miniature-making, after painting windows.


There was enough moulding if you are clever and cut wisely, and that's what I didn't do. Seriously, this is something I can never get right. So I found myself with a too short piece of moulding and no way I could get replacement. What could I do? I just glued on another tiny piece, sanding it as much as I dared. I will pretend a naughty child has broken the edge and a clever cabinet-maker has mended it.


After three coats of varnish it looked really neat. And in its environment you might not even notice it was broken.

It is remarkable how every small improvement makes a huge difference.

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