Tuesday, 7 June 2016

All over again

Did I ever mention that a dollhouse project is never finished? I did? Yes, I did. Many times.

When I finished my Adam ceilings, I was pretty sure that I was done with ceilings and ceiling lights. All mouldings and ceiling roses in place, nothing more to add. And then I go to this wonderful shop and buy three fabulous chandeliers. And I see that one of them will be perfect in the smoking room where I so far had a light that I was absolutely happy with.


Smoking room ceiling was one of the first Adam ceilings I made, and it involved removing the ceiling light and then putting it back. Of course I won't replace the ceiling this time, but I still need to remove the floor in the room above, remove the tape that is holding the wire from the light, feed the wire down through the hole, remove the light and the ceiling rose. Then, in reverse: feed the wire of the new chandelier through the ceiling rose (which by the way is a scrapbooking embellishment) and the hole, fix the wire with the tape and put back the floor. Luckily, the floor in the room above - guest bedroom - is still paper and can be removed without breaking up the skirting boards. (I won't get away so easily in other rooms).

Judge for yourself:

It's always like this: once you have made an improvement you wonder how on earth it could have been anything else. 

The light in the chandelier is a battery tea light. The fabric of the chandelier is a bit torn, and I first thought that I would replace it, but I will never manage to do it neatly, and after all, people did have torn and worn objects. Maybe it even looks more natural.

I have two more exquisite new chandeliers to put up, so do come back soon. It will be a much greater challenge.

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