Tuesday, 28 June 2016

Chippendale cradle

I will show the cover of the original box for this kit because I made the miniature differently.


I like it this way, but I am getting a bit tired of mahogany (I must buy some more different stains). I first tried to stain it light oak. It felt wrong somehow, and I also thought that if I were to put it into the master bedroom, to replace - reluctantly - the cradle I made from a fan, then it could match the wardrobe and some other furniture there. So I painted it with the leftovers from the wardrobe and decorated with the same stickers.


It was a joy to make. Not that other miniatures are less joy, but it is such a delicate little thing. And it fits nicely in the bedroom.

I have removed some objects (including dolls) for a better view. You can see the dressing table in the foreground. I have repainted it to match the wardrobe as well. It is just a very slight change of shade, but makes a huge difference. The table and chairs to the left will also eventually be replaced.

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