Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Rear corridor

I skipped a step prescribed by assembly instructions and started looking closely at the second-floor rear corridor. This is a very interesting feature of this house. There are rooms to the left and to the right on the second floor (will be bedroom and study), but the central space is divided into two smaller rooms. And there is another partition at the back, with two door openings. Which means that there is another secret corridor that will only be visible through these doors and partially through the bedroom door.

This whole space needs careful planning. Initially, I wanted to ditch the partition and just have one larger hall, with stairs to the top floor. But this gave me no space for a bathroom, and bathrooms are very important in dollhouses (as in real houses). I decided that the left small room would make a nice bathroom, and the other room turned into a corridor with the stairs. So far so good, but the time has come to glue in the partitions, and of course before I do that I need to decorate the rear corridor, which the assembly instructions do not mention. Moreover, the instructions do not mention that if I want doors from the rear corridor to the rooms I need to put them in before I seal off the corridor. If I had been less experienced, after all my previous mistakes, I would have followed the instructions and then been unable to put in doors. Moral: read instructions, but also use common sense.

So: I have this space that will only be visible through doors.

You can see the grooves where the partitions will go. I don't have to put mouldings into the corridor because they won't be visible.The door to the right won't be visible either.


This is one detail where I believe the designers have made a mistake that they don't want to admit. There is a staircase leading from the first to the second floor that won't be visible if you use a partition in the right-hand room of the first floor. I will definitely use the partition because it creates yet another secret space behind what will be the dining room. But I have tried this and that in dry assembly, and the staircase won't be visible. Therefore I am not putting it in. I could fill in the door opening altogether, but it doesn't matter.

In contrast, the other door, leading to the bedroom, must be done properly.

This is where I think the instructions are misleading. I must put in this door before I seal off the corridor because it opens into the room, which means that I have to glue it from this side first. Like this:


For some reason this particular door wouldn't fit the opening. Scratch, scratch, sand, sand...

The effect from the other side, the bedroom, is exciting. especially with the light that I have to fix permanently yet.

The next step will be to put in some interesting display in the corrisor before I insert the partition. Watch this space.

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