Monday, 30 March 2015

Guest bedroom

The last "easy" room is the guest bedroom, which is on top floor, to the right. The side walls were already decorated so I just needed to add wallpaper and panel to the back wall. The panel is 1:1 embossed wallpaper. The ceiling lights are candlestick ornaments.

The floor is just a remaining bit from another project, and I don't know yet what kind of floor I want in this room. I put in some furniture and a doll to test.


The furniture in this room is mostly Chippendale made from kit. You can see how I made the bed, the chest and the night stand. The washstand comes from an antique market, but I made all the ceramic vessels myself. The fireplace came recently in a bundle from ebay, and I am not sure this is the right place for it. I will add more objects to this room later. For instance, the gentleman needs a chair, don't you think? And maybe a mirror over the mantlepiece? I have a kit for a Chippendale mirror that will be perfect.


  1. And maybe a table with the chair, so he can sit next to te fireplace, with a cigar ;-)

  2. Yes, a cigar! A small smoking table then.